Founded in 2008 by artist Bari Ziperstein, BZIPPY is known for our experimentation and innovation with ceramics. Working tirelessly to develop engineering methods that challenge conventional notions of slab construction, BZIPPY devises creative solutions to both formal designs and technical concerns.



The BZIPPY Fund is an annual distribution to arts-driven programs through grants and scholarships, aiming to support initiatives that foster community, education, and access.

BZIPPY Fund Initiatives:

SCULPT Scholarship

The Female Design Council Grant 01


BZIPPY PRINT is a collaborative poster series of speculative fiction essays exploring the intersection of ceramics, culture, and fiction. Each poster features a commissioned text in response to a BZIPPY image rendered by Charlotte Taylor & Victor Roussel. BZIPPY PRINT embraces all forms of writing, values the spirit of collaboration, uplifts influential voices, and proudly celebrates art.

#001: Andy Campbell