BZIPPY ceramic goods are one-of-a-kind stoneware / earthenware editions with variations in glazes depending on the firing process. Glazes are indoor / outdoor safe. Note for outdoor use: in colder climates, we advise bringing products indoors in the Winter. Custom glazes: at this time we cannot accommodate any glaze research or special colorways beyond our palette. Up to 5 test tiles can be provided upon request, free of charge, but we ask that clients pay for shipping. Full glaze kits are available for purchase on our website.

A note about our glaze application: table top works are dipped in glaze resulting in a smooth glazed surface. Large scale furniture has a brushed glaze application, resulting in a more varied surface application at times. All test tiles below are dipped and may not capture the nuances of each glaze. If ordering larger works, we recommend taking a look at images of completed units for larger surface application examples on our website.

Please note that glazes are unique and their finishes vary due to the firing process and handmade quality. Every glaze has a unique profile and range of possible variation, as indicated by the following scale:
1. This glaze is stable and rarely varies beyond its test tile.
2. This glaze is dimensional and will show tonal variation upon firing.
3. This glaze is atmospheric and varies significantly upon firing (such as crawling).