Founded in 2008 by artist Bari Ziperstein, BZIPPY is known for its experimentation and innovation with ceramic furniture, planters, and home accessories. Working tirelessly to develop engineering methods that challenge conventional notions of slab construction, BZIPPY devises creative solutions to both formal designs and technical concerns. The studio also facilitates the production of collectible design and fine-art work.

The setting for this position is within a 4,500 sq ft artist studio in northeast LA that houses the creation, fabrication, and sale of ceramic sculpture. With seven full-time employees, the studio is a business first and an artist studio second - we offer up to 40 hours per week plus a full benefits package that includes company-subsidized health benefits. In mid-September, the studio is moving to a 9,000 sq ft studio in Sun Valley / Burbank area with a brand new facility.

Company Values

BEAUTY & CRAFTSMANSHIP: Beautifully crafted objects are at the center of everything we do at BZIPPY. Our collective love for clay as a material to render beauty keeps us motivated to continuously create meticulously designed, aesthetically pleasing, and unique forms.

INNOVATION: The objects we create aim to push the boundaries of clay processes and challenge conventional engineering methods of slab construction. Innovation is cultivated within both our technical methods and the development of the company.

CLARITY: The studio performs at a high level of professionalism in the interest of providing clarity - both internally and externally. Internally facing, we prioritize clear expectations, systems, and procedures for our team members. Externally, we deliver exceptional products to our clients and offer an approachable, reliable, and personable experience.

OPTIMISTIC ACCOUNTABILITY: We strive to facilitate an open and honest environment to cultivate a space in which our team can invent, learn, evolve, and grow. We embrace challenges and hold ourselves accountable to seek solutions, build confidence, and hold each other up.

WORKERS’ RIGHTS: BZIPPY is built on feminist principles that uphold deep regard for worker's rights. The heart of the company is our team of prefabricators, fabricators, kiln & glaze techs, fulfillment associates, and administrators; we prioritize their rights, needs, boundaries, ad labor as the foundation of the works we create.



Bari Ziperstein Studio is looking for a full-time Prefabricator seeking with the skills and abilities to work in a small but growing studio environment. The Prefabricator must have a working knowledge of the best practices for clay processes including rolling slabs, extruding, and mold forming in order to assist with the fabrication of high-quality, large slab-constructed ceramics. Past experience with the use of a pugmill for is also a plus.

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and portfolio to



Bari Ziperstein Studio is always recruiting for a Fabricator of both smalls and larges. Preferred candidates have 1-3+ years of slab-building experience and past professional studio experience. Wheel throwing and coil building skills are not transferable for this studio’s construction methods - joined thrown works are considered.

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and portfolio to