Sometimes, especially as you start something new, you have to let yourself off the hook and trust yourself to make beauty with whatever is available to you.”  – Sissy Sainte-Marie

In these uncertain times, connecting with ourselves and our friends can be challenging. When stylist Sissy Sainte-Marie and her husband photographer Eddie Chacon reached out to collaborate on their recent stay-at-home practice of Ikebana, we were excited to share our visions towards a new photography project. Working with Sissy on choosing her favorite BZIPPY vessels, and seeing them come together with her new interest in Ikebana, blended into a delightful collaboration. Seeing the studio’s works situated at home, rather than presented on a white background, made for an uplifting opportunity to see them out of storage, in use, and brought to life again; bringing us hope in odd times.

“I had been wanting to get into Ikebana but never had the time. Having to stay home and not work made it possible for me to finally crack open the Ikebana book. I was able to forage from my own garden and from kind neighbors. I’m at the beginning stages of my practice and will maybe reach mastery in a few years. For now, I enjoy the opportunity to step away from the digital world and constant multitasking in order to be fully immersed in the moment and connect with nature. I enjoy a codified practice which allows for rule-breaking.“ -Sissy Sainte-Marie